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Community & Country Manager
at Transcenda / Poland

Goals and responsibilities

Strategic alignment

Develop a comprehensive community growth strategy aligned with business goals.

Financial and operational success

Achieve annual targets in profit and revenue.

Integrate community initiatives for broader
business success.

Company culture & brand awareness

Engage leadership to promote local company culture.

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Audience engagement

Identify the target audience and tailor engagement tactics accordingly.

Content creation and engagement

Curate compelling content for audiences.

Foster positive interactions and inclusivity within the community.

Innovation and events

Plan and execute events for company success.

Data-driven insights

Provide regular reports.

Monitor metrics for business and community impact.

Relationship building

Maintain relationships with stakeholders.

Act as an Ambassador, addressing inquiries and feedback.

Expansion strategies

Develop strategies to expand corporate reach and community membership.


Utilize social media and Transcenda knowledge for increased visibility.

About me


I am an A-Player for tech businesses and employees, covering recruitment, planning, data analysis, reporting, and development. Acting as a Career Agent for the Polish top IT management, the first-choice IT Recruiter in Poland, an HR Mentor, a creative thinker with a data-driven approach to decision making and an IT Community Strategist.

I am a top-performing sales professional acting as a Branch Manager and People Leader.

As a Branch Manager, I always take on the role of a Brand Ambassador, engaging in various activities to build brand awareness and establish the employer's credibility.

My work values

1. Brand identification 

2. Responsibility through commitment 

3. Honesty and transparency

4. Continuous learning 

5. Teamwork and collaboration

My strengths by Gallup

1. Activator

2. Woo

3. Communication

4. Individualization

5. Self-Assurance

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